Sand Solutions has established a support network of alliances that serve as a referral base of expertise and bring value to the Sand Solutions client base. Through a process of due diligence and built upon mutual trust, a successful track record of client service and values consist with those of Sand Solutions, alliances are available as needed to support multiple functional areas outside of the hosting and technical services direct from Sand Solutions. In today’s ever changing world of focused expertise, Sand Solutions has recognized that clients require integrated support in multiple areas related to successful utilization of technology. Through the alliances program, firms introduced by Sand Solutions have demonstrated an understanding of how multiple companies can leverage their resources into a cohesive and responsive support team.

Alliance Identification

An example of such an alliances is Sand Solutions identification of several CPA firms that have demonstrated an understanding and track record in supporting clients utilizing the Sand Solutions hosted products. In an implementation, Sand Solutions can introduce alliances that are prepared to bring expertise to data preparation, best practices such as GAAP and other components found in such areas as GovCon, risk mitigation and management and overall contractual compliance.

Maximizing your Implementation

It is the goal of Sand Solutions to create an implementation team that helps clients maximize return on investment by leveraging resources yet assuring the client that the focus starts and ends with the professional team from Sand Solutions. Sand Solutions provides comprehensive integration and project management services that assist our clients to schedule the appropriate timelines, budgets and resource allocations. In addition, the vast majority of the alliances application products are integrated into the overall hosting services provided by Sand Solutions. Relying on the support from Sand Solutions minimizes the concerns felt by many clients when trying to select and integrate the best solutions.

The Sand Solutions marketing, sales and support teams are available to assist its clients with determining the best products and services needed to help assure a successful and cost effective information system.

You guys Rock!!!  Thank you so much for your outstanding support and assistance…

Mohan Upadhaya

Centerscope Technologies, Inc.