Sand Solutions recognizes that there is a growing need to integrate and leverage multiple applications.

The selection and use of the right technology to align business requirements with application capabilities requires selecting a hosting provider that can assist with the implementation of multiple clouds, products, tools and technology. With a foundation of leveraging value for its clients, the software and technology consultants of Sand Solutions have established multiple technology partnerships.

Quality Partnerships

These technology partners meet the standards of quality synonymous with Sand Solutions service levels and are recognized as leaders in their respective areas of technology. Unlike other firms who may list itself as a partner, Sand Solutions has invested in developing expertise with their partners’ products including hands-on capabilities and the ability to provide an integrated solution for its clients.

Some of our technology partners include:

Accounting Enterprise Resource Planning for Project Based Businesses

As our clients look to assure they are receiving maximum benefit from their Deltek software, Sand Solutions provides the necessary focus to align infrastructure with application requirements. Programs such as Costpoint are continuously being revamped and upgraded to provide even more capabilities. The professionals at Sand Solutions are frequently involved in the development and testing of these upgrades and remain at the forefront of evaluating the benefits for each of our clients. Within the Sand Solutions hosted environment, clients can evaluate, test and determine the impact application upgrades and integration have on their business.

In many instances, maximizing the benefits of Deltek applications calls for integration of third party applications. Sand Solutions is a leader in providing the framework and integration necessary to maximize client value from selected software. For those clients looking to minimize customization of applications, Sand Solutions consulting team has the necessary Deltek support. As an example, Sand Solutions continues to work with clients in developing and implementing Deltek’s Extensibility into Costpoint as a means of leveraging the applications and minimizing third party expenditures.

For a complete evaluation and determination of how Sand Solutions can help you get the maximum return on your Deltek investment, we welcome your inquiries.

With a continued focus on hosting and supporting the application software that best aligns with the requirements of its clients, Sand Solutions added Unanet to its growing list of partnerships. The full scope of hosting services that Sand Solutions has offered for over a decade, is available to clients that look to integrate Unanet software solutions.

For those Unanet clients that require a comprehensive and customized Hybrid environment, Sand Solutions has the hosting environment that aligns and supports this need. Comprehensive and customized Disaster Recovery is now available for the Unanet customer, an offering that has been recognized as unique, tested, secure and compliant with the high demands of information availability. For those Unanet clients that simply are looking to outsource their overall IT infrastructure, the Sand Solutions Infrastructure as a Service, has been widely accepted.

Sand Solutions welcomes you to explore the multiple options available.

We deliver consulting services for companies using Accounting ERP software that include:

  • Installations and Implementations of Applications.
  • Ongoing Staff Augmentation for Product Maintenance.
  • Data Migrations and Integrations with Third-Party Systems.
  • System Architecture Design and Development.
  • Secure Private Dedicated Hosting with SSAE (SOC2), HIPAA, MA-201 and PCI-DSS Compliance.

Contact Us to learn more about how these products can help your business.

Microsoft Volume Licensing (SPLA)


Sand Solutions Limited is proud to be a Microsoft® Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA) member. We have been SPLA members in good standing for over 5 years. The SPLA program provides us with significant advantages as service providers, which include:

  • Access to a wide selection of current product versions.
  • Microsoft®’s Education and Training information.
  • Providing our customers with direct or indirect access to Microsoft® licensed products on subscription basis. This will allow our customers to use or pilot Microsoft® Software without the upfront cost.

VMware Partner


Sand Solutions Limited is a registered VMware® partner authorized to rent VMware® Products through VSPP Aggregator. We also benefit from VMware®’s Product, Services and Technical Support with access to VMWare® Knowledge Base. VMware®’s Partner University provides further access to Education and Training on VMware® products.  Sand Solutions is a VMware Enterprise Plus solution utilizing many features as part of an overall strategic solution for Disaster Recovery.

Citrix Service Provider (CSP)


As a Citrix Service Provider (CSP), Sand Solutions Limited joins the Citrix® Partner Network and receives extensive benefits to help you better server your internal customers and strengthen our skills. Program Benefits include:

  • Access to Citrix® Partner Events
  • Access to Citrix® Developer Network
  • Access to Technical Preview or Early Adopter Software
  • Evaluation Software (30 days)
  • Technical Support
  • Training Benefits

Alex was fantastic this afternoon in assisting us with identifying and resolving the application issue.  Happy to be partnering with Sands.

Ira Starr, CFO

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