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Customizable Hosting and Disaster Recovery Plans

For many companies that transition to new applications, move to alternate cloud options or simply want the security and knowledge that historical data is available, Sand Solutions provides a unique and comprehensive alternative – Hibernation as a Service.

Why Would You Need It?

  • You’ve decided to phase out your current Accounting ERP solution however you have a compliance and auditing need to maintain historical transaction data.
  • Your company is migrating from a legacy system to a new system and looking for an option to access historical data without the expense of additional transition.
  • You’ve acquired another company and would like to store their financials for a lookback period.

Popular Questions

Would It Be Simpler To Migrate All Transaction Details To Our New Accounting System?

No, consulting fees to migrate transaction detail can be very costly, time consuming and require complex mappings, particularly if the financial chart of accounts is being redefined to align with a new accounting and general ledger.  A low-cost hosting alternative provides multiple benefits described below, including software expertise during a potential compliance or audit request. The resource commitment to migrating to a new system requires time be allocated away fro day to day functions into the overall implementation. Through the hibernation option, resources are focused on the implementation of the new rather than challenges of retention of the old.

Why Wouldn't I Keep The Old System On-Premise?

Your costs include more than just the hardware and software costs that are typically associated with a move to our Cloud hibernation options.  Your costs include more than the compliance and protection of an effective Disaster Recovery solution.  They further include the cost of maintaining software expertise in-house or through expensive consulting engagements when that expertise may not be available at a time when you need it most. Given that retention of historical data may require one or more years, your costs would include additional hardware resources that can no longer be allocated to the new system. Even if migration includes another Cloud provider, Sand Solutions uniquely retains the current applications and associated historical data.

  • When you terminate your licensing agreement, you no longer have support from the software vendor.
  • Avoid the labor costs of maintaining in-house software expertise or expensive outsourced consultants.
  • Avoid compliance risks by moving older operating systems and software versions to the Sand Solutions cloud.
  • Disaster recovery is built into each hosting solution.

Providing the knowledge and assurance that historical data is available, allows your company to migrate to the optimal solution and to leverage the benefits of the new system without concern over trying to align historical data formats to the formats required by your new system. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with the security and protection that best fits your needs. Contact us for more information.

How Does it Work and When Do I Send Historical Data?

The “cleanest” timeline is to coincide with the closing of the fiscal year. When your old application system closes out the current Fiscal Year, typically your new system requires you to bring over beginning balances, master data as preparation to start the new Fiscal Year.  As part of the closing process, Sand Solutions works with you to obtain a snapshot of your current financial system at a point in time and on it’s current software version. (The process is not exclusive to year end however, focusing on balances with historical elsewhere is the easiest and quickest means of migration and retention).  The Sand Solutions support team works closely with you to schedule the hibernation and establish a point of freezing data on our servers. No further updates will be provided to the point-in-time thereby establishing a point of reference in the event of an audit or other need for restoration.

To further explore the hibernation option best for you or to ensure you have the software expertise when and where you need it most! Contact Us.

Hibernation As A Service Plans

Select the Hibernation as a Service That Best Fits Your Requirements

What Hosting Options Do You Have?

There are two hosting options to select from based upon what you perceive to be your requirements. The first, “Hibernation Storage Planned Access” which is retaining your data and restoring the data based upon an on-demand need such as a possible audit. The second, “Hibernation Storage Always Available” allows the client to identify 1 – 2 administrators that wish to access the historical data to look back for any information they deem necessary and at any time. In either case, the data is historical, that is up to date as of the time the data is moved to Sand Solutions for retention.

Pricing for either option is based upon an annual agreement, that is; storage for a 1 year period, payment due at the time of accepting the service and renewable in annual increments based upon the current charge at the anniversary date.

“Hibernation Storage Planned Access”

Planned Schedule of Data Restoration

This offer is for client’s that don’t need to access it constantly, but want it in case of an audit

  • $1,000 per year for storage.
  • $250 activation fee for every 14 business days of access (only invoiced if access is required)
  • Sand Solutions requires minimum 1 week notice to activate

Schedule the restoration from hibernation to availability based upon a known period of access. Your application version at the time of migration is restored along with the historical data. Access is through the secure and compliant cloud environment hosted by Sand Solutions.

“Hibernation Storage Always Available”

Historical Data is Required for an Undetermined and Prolonged Period of Access

This is for client’s that want to access historical data on demand and always available

  • Identify 1 to 2 administrators that have continuous access
  • $3,250 per year for storage and access
  • No activation fee for access unless request for more than 2 administrators

Recognizing that the transition and/or implementation of a new set of applications extends over time, this option provides the comfort and knowledge that current application and historical data is always available. There is no need for scheduling the availability and there is access to the Sand Solutions Deltek expertise synonymous with the firm’s hosting capabilities.

 Once again, you guys save the day in record time. I very much appreciate your assistance!

Elizabeth Gregory, Accounting/Human Resources

Central Research, Inc.