Cloud Hosting ServicesManaged Hosting Plus (Private Cloud)

Medium to large sized companies that are in need of data storage will benefit from our Managed Plus Hosting. This private cloud hosting option provides your business with its own personal security domain. Managed+ gives you control over storage space, a wide array of software support, the ability to access the servers on-network and many more technical benefits. This option includes all of our security and decreased liability benefits.

Tailoring To Your Needs — Because One Size Does Not Fit All

If you are looking for a tailor made enterprise resource planning strategy, we can build a plan unique to your requirements. Having served a diverse portfolio of customers, our professionals have the skills and experience to exceed your expectations.

For businesses that do not want the hassle of physical servers, Sand Solutions offers Cloud data storage solutions. Our team will build cloud-to-cloud interface solutions that can interface with Deltek and 3rd Party ERP systems. Our team will design and implement a hybrid solution that meets your requirements and ensures that your network maintains integration with these systems through customized interfaces. As these systems change, we will adapt the interface to maintain smooth integration.

Managed Hosting Plus Plan Features

These are some of the technical benefits of choosing this plan:

  • Proven business process for Accelerated ROI
  • Dedicated Virtual Private Network
  • Integrated Active Directory Sign On
  • URL branding and corporate identity
  • Dedicated Support Commitment:
    • Customized Service Level Agreement and Change Control Policy
    • Reserved E-mail Address
    • Direct Access to Tier 2 Analysts
  • Support MS SharePoint, IBM and MS Exchange systems.
  • Build custom cloud to cloud integrations and interfaces
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) option
  • Compare with our Managed Hosting SaaS Plan
Objectivity and Ethics

Objectivity and Ethics

Are you maintaining data independence, integrity, objectivity and transparency?

With a singular focus on Hosting and Disaster Recovery, Sand Solutions reduces your risk and liability by separating accounting and hosting services where data can be independently audited and proven. We provide your accountants the programs and solutions they need, while maintaining data independence, integrityobjectivity and transparency as defined by the American Institute of Public Accountants.  In the event of a financial audit, our team will work closely with you and your financial consultants while your accounting system remains independent from your financial consultant’s local area network.  Sand Solutions…where one size does not fit all.

Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning

We understand that one of your biggest concerns may be the possibility of losing your important data. If disaster should happen to strike, you will always be guaranteed the safety and protection of your most recent files with Sand Solutions. All of our data is backed up every hour onsite.

Data security is important to us and because of this we’ve implemented multiple layers of security for data protection. We are proud to say our data center is completely operated in the US. Learn more about our disaster recovery plans.

… strong praise to your team … doing an amazing job dealing with the multitude of changes/requests to setup the system. Their response time is incredible and they offer great suggestions on setup. They are making this transition very easy.

Jim McCabe, Director of IT

Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc.