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When our clients need to add more functionality directly into their Costpoint screens, they reach out to us because we know Deltek software inside-outContact us to discuss how can Sand Solutions use Costpoint Extensibility to customize your screen.

Screen Customizations with Costpoint Extensibility

From time to time screen customizations are required in order to enhance the already great functionality of Costpoint. Sometimes clients request a button to begin a process —like the integration with a third-party software— or a new menu item that performs a function specific to their company. We use Costpoint Extensibility in order to create these enhancements. Whether you’re a Deltek Cloud customer, hosting on-premise or in our cloud; Sand Solutions will design a specific solution to match your requirements. Contact us to learn more about screen customizations and Costpoint Extensibility.

How we do it:

Deltek Costpoint Extensibility

Who we do it for:

Deltek Enterprise Cloud customers, on-premise Deltek hosting, Sand Solutions Managed Cloud hosting

Your Benefits:

Sand Solutions is a leader in Deltek Costpoint Extensibility. When we receive a new request, we can complete it efficiently because we can draw from our vast prior experience. This translates into big savings for your company.

Costpoint Extensibility Case Studies

CP711 – Employee Demographic CSV From UI (Deltek Enterprise Cloud)

The customer needed to retrieve employee demographic information for Plansource in a specific CSV file format. An Extensibility Action and Message(s) were created, along with a Java Class, that generated the required result set and file format for the customer. The file was placed in the File Download menu within Costpoint for the Customer to easily access it.

CP711 – Processed Expenses to A/P Vouchers

A series of Extensibility Applications, Result Sets, Actions and Messages were created that allowed customers to create mapping areas within Costpoint and trigger two-way interactions with 3rd party systems. Web Services (REST/JSON) and Costpoint Web Services (SOAP/XML) API’s were leveraged to accomplish this.

CP711 – Application/Module Design for Wildcard Assignments & Integration File

The customer needed to assign Contract Approval Amounts per Project, Employee, Account and Account Reference. Although the Project/Employee/Amounts were required, due to the number of Employee/Project/Account/Reference combinations the customer requested to have the ability to assign the mapping at various high levels and then have the interface build the appropriate lower levels as needed in the transfer file. An Extensibility Application, Module, Action and Message(s) were created, along with a series of Java Classes, to accomplish this.

TE10 Resources – Auto assign License and Employee Groups

An action that helps streamline the onboarding process for hiring new Employees or Subcontractors. For every TE10 Employee Resource that is Active, the action assigns a Seat License and, depending on whether they are an Employee or Subcontractor, assigns them to the appropriate Employee Groups. A modification was requested so that if the TE10 Employee/Subcontractor is Active and already assigned to an Employee Group, but does not have a Seat License currently, to exclude them from a Seat license assignment. This modification allowed the customer to temporarily remove Seat licenses for those employees that are either on extended leave, or for other temporary reasons. An Extensibility Action and Messages were created, along with a Java Class, to accomplish this.

CP711 – Project CLIN Assignments (Deltek Essentials Cloud)

The customer requirement was to mass update Project CLIN information within Costpoint on the Deltek Essentials Cloud. Sand Solutions developed an executable for the customer to schedule, or run real-time, that consumed a text file or rates and uploaded them into Costpoint Web Services (SOAP/XML) API’s.

What Makes Sand Solutions Unique

When you need Costpoint Extensibility, or need to integrate Deltek with third-party applications, we can efficiently build a solution that meets your needs thanks to our vast experience and knowledge in Deltek software development. Let us know what your goals are, odds are we’ve worked on a similar solution before …

You guys Rock!!!  Thank you so much for your outstanding support and assistance…

Mohan Upadhaya

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