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Costpoint Extensibility Study: Processed Expenses to A/P Vouchers

CP711 – Processed Expenses to A/P Vouchers A series of Extensibility Applications, Result Sets, Actions and Messages were created that allowed customers to create mapping areas within Costpoint and trigger two-way interactions with 3rd party systems.


Costpoint Extensibility Study: Adaptive Insights and Budgeting

CP711 - Adaptive Insights & Budgeting The customer uses Adaptive Insights for Budgeting and wanted to interface the Models and Sheets directly with the Costpoint Budgeting module.


Costpoint Time & Expense Screen Customization with Costpoint Extensibility

TE10 Resources – Auto assign License and Employee Groups An action that helps streamline the onboarding process for hiring new Employees or Subcontractors.


Costpoint Extensibility Study: Module Design for Wildcard Assignments and Integration File

CP711 – Application/Module Design for Wildcard Assignments & Integration File The customer needed to assign Contract Approval Amounts per Project, Employee, Account and Account Reference.


Costpoint Extensibility Study: Project CLIN Assignments – Deltek Essentials Cloud

CP711 – Project CLIN Assignments (Deltek Essentials Cloud) The customer requirement was to mass update Project CLIN information within Costpoint on the Deltek Essentials Cloud.

Deltek cloud hosting and integrations: Sand Solutions Limited

Timesheet Validations for Costpoint Time & Expense

TE10 Pre-Save Timesheet Validation (Deltek Enterprise Cloud) The customer needed to enforce Overtime and Regular hour rules on Subcontractor timesheets.


Costpoint Extensibility Study: Demographic CSV from UI

CP711 – Employee Demographic CSV From UI (Deltek Enterprise Cloud) The customer needed to retrieve employee demographic information for Plansource in a specific CSV file format.

Managing Risk Through Application Utilization

A common concern at the executive level repeatedly finds its way into discussions relative to risk mitigation, namely; how do we manage risk while striving to push our organization to maximize its performance and at the same time assure there is no significant impact in customer service and quality? This question is greatly magnified when looking at service industries where the “deliverable” is tied to milestone completion rather than the delivery of a specific product.

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