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Save Time and Money Validating Employees Timesheets

Sand Solutions offers software solutions for Deltek Costpoint’s Time & Expense 10 module. While Deltek products work great off-the-shelf, your specific needs may require some customization; that’s where we come in. Contact us to discuss how we can implement additional timesheet validations to your Deltek software.

Custom Timesheet Validations for Costpoint Time & Expense 10

Deltek products are filled with great features for companies of all sizes. Costpoint’s Time & Expense 10 module is a good example of how Deltek software works great off-the-shelf. For clients that follow specific processes with timesheet validation of their employees, Sand Solutions offers efficient software solutions that help run the timesheet validation smoothly; helping them save time and money in the process. Contact us to learn more about custom timesheet validations for Costpoint Time & Expense 10.

Deltek Time & Expense Case Studies

T&E 10 Pre-Save Timesheet Validation (Deltek Enterprise Cloud)

The customer needed to enforce Overtime and Regular hour rules on Subcontractor timesheets.  A pre-save validation was created that evaluated the total overtime and regular hours and enforced Warning and Error messages to the Subcontractor to correct their timesheet.  This was accomplished on the Deltek Costpoint Enterprise Cloud.

What Makes Sand Solutions Unique

When you need Costpoint Extensibility, or need to integrate Deltek with third-party applications, we can efficiently build a solution that meets your needs thanks to our vast experience and knowledge in Deltek software development. Let us know what your goals are, odds are we’ve worked on a similar solution before …

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