Russ Katzman Joins Sand Solutions

Russ Katzman draws on over 20 years of experience in business transformation, best practices, compliance and overall project management. His expertise crosses multiple industries with a proven ability to integrate strategic roadmaps into results. Recognizing the importance of compliance, particularly in the GovCon business environment, Russ continuously assures that the hosting environment and multiple offerings from Sand Solutions adhere to best practices in the areas of compliance and security.

In addition to a long and proven list of qualifications, Russ possesses the unique ability to integrate the technical infrastructure demands of successful hosting into the performance and monitoring of application software. As a frequent speaker in the area of appropriate governance and compliance, Russ has been recognized at all levels of management for his ability to bring value to clients.

It is essential to our clients that they know, and in fact have come to expect, that Sand Solutions will continue to invest in the infrastructure and personnel necessary to assure overall hosting quality, reliability and security. Russ represents an addition to the Sand Solutions team that is focused on objectively assuring Sand Solutions maintains this commitment to excellence.

We are pleased to add Russ to our team and truly excited about the value he will provide to our clients.

Contact Russ to discuss Governance, Risk & Compliance in our Hybrid Cloud.