Sand Solutions: Leaders in Deltek Integrations 

Sand Solutions Limited is well known for its ERP software cloud hosting, especially Deltek hosting; as well as its outstanding support. But were you aware that Sand Solutions is recognized as a leader in Deltek web service integrations?

For years Sand Solutions Limited has been working with Deltek to provide customers with integrations with third-party systems, installations, implementations, software customization, and more. To ensure your systems work smoothly between one another, we design, code, and implement custom programs specifically to integrate with application packages and between hybrid solutions. When new or upgraded software is released and implemented into your infrastructure our team develops scripts and test scenarios to verify it works with existing systems properly. Further, before implementing any new software, we create a sandbox or test environment to test the application first to see how it is accepted.

Sand Solutions specializes in Deltek Costpoint Extensibility. We have multiple case studies of custom solutions we have implemented for customers. As Deltek Partners, and an Independent Software Vendor, we are a provider of cutting edge technology to businesses, offering both systems and design assistance to integrate Deltek products.

If you would like to learn more about our ERP software integrations and case studies, please contact us.