Sand Solutions, Providing Enterprise vSAN Business Continuity to all Cloud customers

Sand Solutions implementation of VMWare® Virtual SAN’s™ hyper-converged storage technology in our Enterprise Cloud infrastructure continues to deliver highly scalable, reliable, and high performance accelerated storage using specifically directed attached disks in VMWare ESXi™ Enterprise hosts.  With VMWare vSAN we can now engineer I/O and scale on-demand for the unique needs of our customers.  The addition of VMWare vSAN continues our evolution to a software-defined data center (SFDC) providing less power and cooling.  All new Cloud servers continue to automatically be launched on VMWare vSAN SSD accelerated volumes, in all U.S. regions where the service operates.

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Adding VMWare vSAN to our Cloud Infrastructure has brought Storage High Availability onto a single platform.  Not only do we continue to see improved performance accessing storage, we continue to improve our Business Continuity policies with the addition of warm standby virtual server clones on different hosts within the same enterprise cluster.  In the event of a virtual server failure, high availability policies automatically power on the secondary virtual server and then proceed to replicate to remaining hosts in the enterprise cluster.  All Cloud customers continue to receive this feature at no additional cost.”

Alex Parker, Manager of Cloud Infrastructure.

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