How stable is your Cloud Service Provider (CSP)?

If you’re like most organizations, your time is short and it’s easy to just assume that because they’re big and well known, they must be quite stable.  But dig deeper and you’ll learn that the fact is, the larger and more complex a CSP’s infrastructure is, the more difficult it is to maintain.  Just ask Amazon Web Services after their Northern Virginia data center suffered from a storage failure that at this hour, customers’ access is still being remediated.  Read more about this most recent challenge here.

Similarly, the larger and more well known a CSP is in general, the more prone they are to DDoS and other attacks.  When evaluating a cloud service provider, it is encumbent upon you to review and accept the terms of their service level agreement (SLA) that ensures your data is protected.

Just because they’re big, doesn’t mean they’re better.  Sand Solutions has never had a DDoS or similar attack in our history and our proven record of uptime is unmatched.  As a customer, your piece of mind about the accessibility and security of your data is our mission – so go ahead and sleep tonight, knowing that Sand Solutions and our team of cloud experts has your needs met.  Learn more