Cloud Migration Planning

As more and more companies contemplate migration from on premise solutions to a hosted, cloud environment (Cloud Service Provider “CSP”), it is important that an overall Cloud Management Plan (CMP) be defined and followed. Further, it is equally important that the firm selected to provide the hosting has the internal infrastructure required to assure alignment with the goals and objectives of its potential client.

There are several areas of evaluation that should be taken to minimize risk and evaluate the alignment of the services offered by the hosting firm. This extends to the hosting firm clearly outlining a “Cloud Transition Plan” that includes such areas as the following:

  • Roles & Responsibilities of company & Cloud Service Provider (CSP)
  • Step by step migration, testing & validation of applications
  • Compliance with any regulations associated with off-premise data management
  • Re-deploying / Re-training of Staff to Higher-Value Activities
  • Refinement of Processes & Capabilities to Maximize the Investment Value
  • Appropriate Disaster Recovery Plan in place

The CSP is a combined checklist of activities that encompasses responsibilities of the company that is migrating and the CSP being utilized. Not all CSPs are the same and performing the appropriate due diligence will minimize risk, enhance value and lay the foundation for a successful transition.