Deltek Partner Sales Kick-Off 2016!

Deltek annually holds an invitation only Kickoff Meeting whereby select partners are introduced to the upcoming plans for the new year.  Known as the Partner Sales Kickoff Meeting, the agenda includes presentations by multiple entities and representatives within Deltek.  Partners are exposed to the pending product releases, a review of the prior year and provided the opportunity to meet with system developers, sales and company management.

DeltekHQWith the growth of cloud technology and based on previous year’s performance, Sand Solutions was invited to participate at the 2016 meeting. Over a combined 3 day event, Sand Solutions met one on one with select sales and marketing teams and laid the foundation as a preferred vendor of choice in the area of complex, hybrid hosting. With exposure to the many new products making their introduction in 2016, Sand Solutions had a head start in seeing what opportunities were available for Deltek customers and prospects.

Introduced to what Deltek refers to as its “wheel” of integrated applications, Sand Solutions explored the many opportunities that its clients can explore. In addition, given Sand Solutions unique hosting capabilities, Deltek representatives enlisted feedback from the firm as to how best to integrate the wheel into the Sand Solutions hosting environment.

For more information on the expanded applications and to review if and how the 2016 strategic direction might impact your firm, we welcome your inquiries. We believe that by expanding application utilization, there is a continuous opportunity for value creation. Just as our clients expect us to grow and adapt with change, so do the customers of the clients we support.