Costpoint Time & Expense Screen Customization with Costpoint Extensibility

TE10 Resources – Auto assign License and Employee Groups

An action that helps streamline the onboarding process for hiring new Employees or Subcontractors. For every TE10 Employee Resource that is Active, the action assigns a Seat License and, depending on whether they are an Employee or Subcontractor, assigns them to the appropriate Employee Groups. A modification was requested so that if the TE10 Employee/Subcontractor is Active and already assigned to an Employee Group, but does not have a Seat License currently, to exclude them from a Seat license assignment. This modification allowed the customer to temporarily remove Seat licenses for those employees that are either on extended leave, or for other temporary reasons. A Costpoint Extensibility Action and Messages were created, along with a Java Class, to accomplish this.

Deltek Time & Expense module integration - TE10Deltek Time & Expense module integration - TE10

Deltek Costpoint Time & Expense (TE10) using Costpoint Extensibility Case Study

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