Deltek Releases T&E 10

Sand Solutions has been an active participant and contributor to the development and testing of Costpoint T&E 10. Deltek recently announced the release of the product and its general availability and unlike previous releases of Costpoint that incorporate fixes and upgrades, this release represents a major shift in design. With this release, T&E is now integrated into Costpoint rather than being offered as an add on application. The impact on existing customers is an area that Sand Solutions has been discussing with its’ clients and recognizes each client has separate expectations. Our technical support team has downloaded and created the necessary installation media and will be continuing to address and review each client situation

Some highlights of the announcement, which may or may not impact each client environment include:gfx-INS14-Icon-CP-90x-91x

  • T&E is integrated into Costpoint rather than a separate application
  • All applicable users can now use 1 single web login to access both applications (Costpoint and T&E)
  • For those using the mobile app, T&E is no longer a separate app
  • T&E has the look and feel of Costpoint

For further information or to discuss the impact the new release may have on your business, please reach out to Sand Solutions