Managing Risk Through Application Utilization

A common concern at the executive level repeatedly finds its way into discussions relative to risk mitigation, namely; how do we manage risk while striving to push our organization to maximize its performance and at the same time assure there is no significant impact in customer service and quality? This question is greatly magnified when looking at service industries where the “deliverable” is tied to milestone completion rather than the delivery of a specific product.


The challenge in managing and minimizing risk is having available critical information particularly as related to:

  • Effective Budget Management
  • Resource Allocation and Utilization
  • Change control management (Scope Management)

Managing risk is essential to delivering service-based projects on-time, within budget and within the scope of the agreed upon deliverables. Internal risks such as budget, cost, resource and schedule require continuous monitoring and management. Similarly, external actions directed by either the client or sub-contractors are equally important and represent risk that could either result in profitable change management or conversely diminishing profitability as a result of poor task management or non-recoverable out of scope work.

At Sand Solutions we work closely with our clients to maximize the utilization of their Costpoint applications to address the areas of risk management. In addition to providing compliant and tailored hosting services, our on premise consulting is focused on leveraging the value of application software without compromising quality and compliance. For more information please contact Sand Solutions.