Have You Fully Vetted Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

In the past, and true for many hosted environments, disaster recovery was synonymous with simply backing up data. Today, particularly as related to contractual commitments, companies must be able to demonstrate the availability of not only data but the entire environment as part of its disaster recovery plan. As challenging as this is when systems are on premise, the complexities are even greater when relying on an external hosting partner.

When evaluating the hosting partner relative to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) the following items should be considered:

Does my hosting partner

  • Perform continuous replications that include not only data but the environment?gfx-INS14-Icon-CRM
  • Is the replication across multiple facilities?
  • Is there a documented plan that includes restoration points and restoration times?
  • Does the hosting company provide a DRaaS solution that is consistent with our contractual obligations to our customers?
  • Does my DRaaS solution assist me in the event of an external audit?
  • Are the processes utilized in compliance with governing agencies?

These questions are the foundation of assuring that you are getting value from your hosting partner and more important, you are providing the service and commitment levels that your customers expect.  Learn More