Cyber Security and Geo-IP Filtering

With the constant threat of security risks, Sand Solutions continuously invests in technology to keep our hosted customers secure and compliant.  With Geo-IP Filtering, Sand Solutions can restrict or drop IP addresses based on the country they originate from or are destined to.  Whether going to or from a country, client specific firewall rules are put in place to specific areas of your Hybrid SaaS network, while disallowing them to other areas. reports that Geo-IP Filtering can “vastly reduce unwanted and malicious traffic.” and PacketViper reports Geo-IP Filtering is of “crucial important to your cyber-security system“. This security feature allows Sand Solutions to reduce traffic entering each Hybrid SaaS network, forcing attackers through areas highly scrutinized with higher security features such as IPS, AV, AS or Botnet Filters.

global-geo-ip-filteringIntrusion Protection Systems (IPS) matches known threats and attacks against our monitoring database. Anti-Virus (AV) scans all traffic looking for any of the 27,364,671+ virus signatures while Anti-Spyware (AS) scans all traffic looking for any of the 3,326+ Spyware signatures. Botnet Filtering, when enabled either all or via client specific rules, scans IP addresses for both inbound and outbound IP’s matching the “known botnet” database that Sand Solutions maintains.  Matched IP’s are then dropped and logged.  Learn more about other Managed Security features including sensitive data protection, audits, compliance, and more. Sand Solutions owns and operates all physical hardware and software across its datacenter’s providing point-to-point hardware and software availability and customization of your Hybrid Cloud network.

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